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Purusha - A Sonic Adventure

When the space agency ‘Quietland’ detects a mysterious sound coming from beyond our galaxy, four trained musicians are sent in search of the source of this frequency.

What will the astronauts discover as they give up their eyes and go searching with their ears and hearts?

The first season of Purusha was created in 2021 and is a ten part radio drama written by Michael Ramus, featuring original composition by Alex and Robbie Blencowe.

Season 2 is now in development. If you have enjoyed what you have heard so far, please consider supporting our next series:


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Written and Directed by: Michael Ramus

Composed and performed by: Alex and Robbie Blencowe

Performances by: Katy Dash, Joel Smith, Kyle Pryke and Jade Campbell

Copywrite Michael Ramus 01.01.2022

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