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Michael Ramus

Author of the new, Arts Council England funded audio drama PURUSHA 

Michael Ramus

South West runner up BBC new writer competition 2021


Michael Ramus’ Latest Projects

Out Now!


When the space agency ‘Quietland’ detects a mysterious sound coming from beyond our galaxy, four trained musicians are sent in search of the source of this frequency.

What will the astronauts discover as they give up their eyes and go searching with their ears and hearts?

Purusha is a ten part radio drama written by Michael Ramus, featuring original composition by Alex and Robbie Blencowe.

In Progress...

nesting dolls.jpg

Nesting Dolls - Novel

My name is Amelia Hawthorne. I’m seventeen years old and I live a cursed life. This is the Hawthorne curse: In every branch of our family tree there is a daughter who must remain forever single; it doesn’t matter who, as long as there is one. If ever every sister is happily partnered, then fate conspires to find the cracks in that happiness, dig its claws in and tear a couple apart at random. So there’s a drudge. A daughter who must remain forever alone to preserve the happiness of their siblings, and as the youngest Hawthorne it has fallen upon me. 

But I never agreed to play this part. My sisters have had their happiness long enough. My family tree has just become my hit list. 

Latest Project

Onion Soup Poster + text.jpg

Onion Soup - Play Script

A pub crawl in which nothing happens. Five times. It's 1961 and Harold Pinter's 'The Caretaker' has just opened in Paris to devastating reviews; but whether by chance or providence Pinter's penpal and lifelong idol Samuel Beckett just happens to stumble across him. Together the pair spend the evening trawling the pubs of Paris, forever dodging closing time.

Based on the recollections of Harold Pinter in his 'Eulogy for Samuel', Onion Soup is the fictitious imagining of what might have taken place that night...

Coming soon...


Angel's Share - Play Script

Feints and Fallshorts have spent a decade together, guarding a warehouse full of whiskey that was forgotten about when the distillery closed down. Once upon a time the boys thought this was the best job in the world, but the ten year itch is setting in. 

Feints wants to see the place reopened and become its Master Distiller, and Fallshorts...well he just want's something in his stagnant life to change.

As the boys make steps to change their fortunes, they realise that this change won't come easily on an lonely island in the Hebrides; and it may well cost them their community, their friendship and more.  


"I for one, am glad that some of its magic leaked out, that we got the Angels’ Share of the tale.” -  Lorna Mackie on Angel's Share

The Fourth Wall

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